…yum yum …slurrrppp sluuuurrrrrrppppp!

Did you know “words” and the way they “sound” have an incredible effect on our minds? Okay lets cut the long story short …say SMOOTHIES …say SHAKES …come’ on say it …smoothies & shakes …repeat aloud …S h A k E s and S m OO t H i E s CONTINUE …

…now do you feel like having them and just keep having them all day long!!! Well the good news is, if you do – just go have it – since smoothies and fruit shakes can boost your energy levels. CHOOSE this smart food once a week which is undoubtedly one way to eat healthier meals.

Go for Strawberry Smoothie which is rich in B vitamins, calcium and protein. Comit’s a few days before test day and you’re trying not to panic but https://essay4today.com/ it’s not totally working. Keep in mind to use brown sugar and one table spoon protein powder along with the fruit and curd; another option is to sip on a Banana or Mango Smoothie which provides potassium (banana) or beta carotene (mango), protein and calcium. Here too one table spoon protein powder suffices along with the fruit and curd; or else just slurp on Kiwi or Chikoo Shake which provides vitamins E and B, enzymes, protein and essential fatty acids. Remember to include 10 soaked and peeled almonds along with the fruit and milk. This simple takeaway food can be your diet for one whole day on a crazy tight schedule calendar day …which will not only be a healthy option, but also free you from the worries of “…oof! What to eat today” and satiate your desire of indulging in this yummy drink as well!

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…way to h E a L t H y HEELS!

…perfectly waxed smooth long legs slipped into that smart and cute, knee length red and black chequered one piece …and now step out in style with that lovely pair of heels! But hey wait a minute

…he is CLAY and you are the POTTER!

Did you know MASSAGE is not just a physical act; but an interaction of Energies, Auras and Vibrations! In any relationship - the massage - goes a long way in establishing COMMUNICATION. Sometimes a

Eyes are the windows of the soul!

Eyes speak louder and with more depth ...one look and one glance - that’s it and that’s all - that is required to express your innermost desire. No wonder then, that eye make-up is an integral par

t O u C h me!

Of all the five senses a human being is born with, TOUCH is the first sense to develop in humans …and it may be the last to fade! Touch is our most intimate and most powerful form of communication.