Your LOVER is your most important High Net Worth Individual

Many people out there think saying “Thank You” and “I am sorry” in personal intimate relationships is like being formal. And hence not required. Infact it is often believed that by apologising and expressing gratitude to your companion, you are creating unnecessary distance between the two of you. And unfortunately this gesture is seen as a “Formality” between the two of you!

Couples often feel, “it’s understood …I mean, why should I specially thank her” OR “he very well knows I didn’t intentionally do it, so why should I say sorry”! Little do they realise that, by thinking so they are actually taking the relationship for granted. And later on …slowly and gradually, the person involved in the relationship (meaning your life-partner), will start beginning to feel taken for granted.

So here the problem lies – in the way you approach this most important relationship of your life! CHANGE THIS APPROACH. TREAT you PARTNER as you treat your most important client …SERVICE your SPOUSE as you service your most important account …ATTEND to your HUSBAND the way you attend to your most important VIP passenger on flight …Take CARE of your WIFE the way you take care of your most important High Net Worth Customer!

Just do it …and see the difference …and feel the pouring love!

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