your HAIRY issues …put to rest this Summer!

Be it lice or dandruff, summer is a tough time for Hair Maintenance. Dust and pollution clubbed with sweat accumulate in the scalp – Welcome to Hair Issues! During the summer months it goes without saying that the hair tends to get dirtier due to the heat, sun and humidity and creates havoc on your hair.

Hair cuticles get rough and allow moisture to penetrate inside the hair shafts causing it to swell creating untameable frizz. The sun’s heat degrades the protective protein in hair, wiping out shine and draining it of moisture as well. In addition, since we sweat a lot more this season, our hair follicles produce sebum due to scalp perspiration leading to sticky, oily and dull hair.

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So WASH WASH WASH …as often and ensure your scalp is absolutely clean! This alone is the single most effective way to keep your hair and scalp healthy this time around. Shrug off your laziness and wash your hair regularly to hold on that shine and greatness. Shampoo frequently to remove dirt all summer; however go for a mild one or a homemade or natural chemical-free dry shampoo, as natural hair is the order of the day this season. So embrace that comfortable loose natural look and keep your hair happy and healthy. Tight hairstyles are a strict NO NO! Also dry hair naturally and put a full-stop to blow-drying. And lo! Avoid streaking your hair during summers and also give your irons and tongs a rest. In short, NO PLAYING with your hair this season.

It is important to note that washing your hair often in summers strips your scalp of its natural oils, which again stimulates additional oil production, creating the need to wash it even more. Therefore hair wash should be simplified by using bare minimum products and natural hair care products to moisturize and protect your hair. So maybe instead of always shampooing, we could just rinse in the shower and see if we can get rid of the extra oil.
Split ends are yet another hair challenge this season brings along due to the inevitable dryness. Manage these hair splits by trimming them regularly when they pop out. Also note, summer is not the right time to dive into the pool. Swimming can cause damage to the hair in summer hence if you wish to hit the pool, care needs to be taken. Else it is best avoided.

Further, to minimise sun exposure cover up and use a hat or scarf. However make sure you are not holding for a long time until the scalp is settled with sweat. So maybe using a hat that is having tiny holes or a cotton scarf will help your scalp from the sweating problem.

Most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated this season with loads of fluids. Drinking plenty of H2O during summer is not only good for the body, but is good for the hair too. H2O can easily replace the lost water from the body and its benefits for the hair as well.

With these NURTURING Hair Care Tips you can Put All Your Hairy Issues to Rest this Summer!

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