Will you MARRY me!

I was sitting on my favourite couch as I was recovering from the seasonal attack of dry cough sipping in a concoction of water boiled with turmeric, ginger and pepper with a tinge of honey to soothe my throat. I was absolutely blank mind with my only focus to heal my soar throat, get my voice back and get rid of that awful dry cough. My eyes suddenly caught the attention of the cup I was sipping from, which said “Best Lover” and for some reason my mind happily fancied over creative ways to propose THE ONE of your life!

It’s essential to put all the unique details of your relationship into your proposal …that’s when it will not only stand out, but also give, that “much” needed personal touch. A unique way to propose your partner is about pushing the element of surprise to a new level. It’s a combination of creativity with a dash of skill. You got to catch your companion off-guard in a way he or she would never expect.

How about popping the question when you are seated next to her on a Rollercoaster Ride experiencing the adrenaline rush all through your body …as you gush out with excitement also spell out “Marry Me” and see her reaction!

When both of you are out for a dinner date at one of your favourite joints …hold his palms, look him into the eye and say, “Can we grow old together”?

Proposing her at a Halloween Party means your voice speaks more than your eyes and face. So make sure she falls in love with your tone, your pitch, your modulation, your style and most importantly the words you choose to say!

Spelling it out with Scrabble Tiles would be a wonderful idea. You may have to play a trick to get the board to read exactly what you and she wants which is “WILL YOU MARRY ME”.
Recording A Video has never been easier than now …so maybe you could record a video of yourself at all the places that are meaningful to your relationship …like at the place both of you met for the first time …the café where you landed up laughing randomly for no reason …the mall you spent 6 hours at a stretch only talking …the place you kept him waiting for an hour and a half as you were running late …the restaurant he met your parents for the first time …the pet store you got your puppy from …you can also share your Video Byte as to why these moments were so special to you and your relationship and spell out the proposal!

See if you can get Backstage Passes to his favourite band and propose him post meeting them at the green room. Else if she is a book lover, ask Her Favourite Author To Sign her favourite book with “Will You Marry, ___ (your name)” on the inside. Take her for a long drive and give her the book as a gift. OR you could also create a Photo Album narrating your own relationship and let her read through it and build up all the emotion before you get down to propose her. OR still better, a Hand Written Love Letter placed inside the book she is currently reading and engrossed in which will catch her by surprise!

Dress up like a Town Car Driver and tell her you have arranged for her to be picked up from the airport on her way home; and hold a sign next to the other drivers that says “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Find The Spot where either of your grandparents or great grandparents got married. This particular place is certainly ancestral to him or her, which is sure to harness that primal energy we all feel. Getting proposed to in the same place will have the weight of tradition behind it. This makes it all the more special!

Most essentially one needs to plan backwards if you are intending to surprise your lover with a “MARRY ME” …so go ahead …have fun while you do so! Valentines Day is just a month away!

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