…way to h E a L t H y HEELS!

…perfectly waxed smooth long legs slipped into that smart and cute, knee length red and black chequered one piece …and now step out in style with that lovely pair of heels! But hey wait a minute …your “heels” sure needs some healing!

Come winters and this is one common challenge that each one of us face …however somehow we assume, its okay, no ones gonna notice my heels OR maybe you think, you can somehow hide it since its not that much visible. Truth is for some reason we tend to neglect that part of our body which actually takes us to places – OUR FEET!

Maybe we are lazy or don’t like to put in that much effort for a portion of our body which lies at the bottom …what say! Well point is, even though it seems at the bottom, it is our FEET alone on which we stand tall and this “FEET” speaks a lot about us. Then isn’t it justified that we make some time shrugging off our laziness and commit to heal cracked heels with just some simple doable everyday routine.

Due to dry air in winters and lack of moisture, cracked heels is a universal phenomenon. Since the skin, surrounding the sides of the feet are dry they crack and cause cracked heels. So firstly ensure that your bathroom has a foot scrubber or a pumice stone. During your daily shower and when you return home at the end of the day, make it a point to scrub your heels and sides of the feet for just 2 minutes using this stone or scrubber; however late you are getting or tired you may feel just do it! Pat your feet dry and apply a little moisturizer to your heels as this will help to seal in moisture and prevent cracking.

Further a regular application of glycerin and rosewater mixture – both of which are easily available – to your feet, cures cracked feet!

Daily before you sleep indulge in a 10 minutes hassle free thorough massage for your feet and pay attention to your heels and other cracked areas. Use either some Castor Oil OR Extra Virgin Olive Oil OR Coconut Oil OR rub some Shea Butter generously on your cracked heels. Let the oil or butter seep into the cracks and after about an hour wash your feet thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can do this while you are watching television post your supper or if you are catching up on some reading after your dinner or if you are ready to sit on your smartphone with wifi before you gatecrash.

If you want to just massage for 10 minutes and snooze, then wear thick cotton socks over your feet and leave it on overnight. They will surely work as you sleep and make you feel wowed as you wake up!

Yet another effortless process is to get a handful of Neem leaves, crush them to make a fine paste, add some turmeric powder to this paste and mix well. Apply this paste on the cracks and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then wash your feet with warm water and dry them with a clean cloth. If done daily, those cracks will certainly disappear on your heels.

With a little bit of your time and attention, your HEELS are sure to give OTHERS a HIGH!

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