. . . w H e R e to GO . . . w H a T to DO!!!

BEEP BEEP …yet another message for you …you decide to check it later and continue enjoying your music. Finally you go to your inbox to check your text and it reads, “am in town and thought we should catch up” and there you are all blushing and having a smirk on your face. The thought of your first date with this person certainly excites you, however you are bogged down with the thought of how to spend the time together …where do we go …what to do?

Dates ought to be fun and memorable so that your date can’t wait to see you again. A good first date allows for the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. The focus shouldn’t always be on the both of you, so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly. Doing some sort of activity together may lead you to have a great time together.

First dates needn’t always have to be at a restaurant or coffee shop sipping your beverage or having your dinner. Instead take a coffee walk …sitting at a coffee shop can be a little monotonous, however picking up a coffee and walking around the vicinity can make it much better. Maybe you can pick an area you’re both unfamiliar with to make it more of an adventure. And you can also snack on some baked goodies. Along with other talks, also chat up about your love for dark chocolates or obsession with the latest blue velvet cup cakes or macaroons.

Watch the sunrise or sunset, if you’re super ambitious. The light blue sky or the crimson red coloured sky makes for a lovely setting for getting to know someone. You can also have your masala chai and munch on some biscuits as you engage in your conversation.

When you’re trying to break the ice with someone new, combine conversation with a doable fun activity …so maybe you can play a simple game and place a silly bet on it. OR karaoke is awesome option. Burst into your favourite tunes; however stay away from too many romantic ballads. You can even opt for rock climbing for a first date. Going to a planetarium or any museum or aquarium is yet another alternative. Honestly it’s a cool excuse to visit a place you haven’t explored since a long time and it can be pretty romantic too!

Planning dinner is an established, enjoyable way to get to know someone new, however for a first date why not go for brunch instead of dinner! A weekend brunch has a much more casual, easygoing vibe. Also you will still have the rest of the day ahead of you afterwards. Which means you can go on for as long as you want it to, if you are both having great chemistry.

Going for a live show is another first date idea. Theatre or musical performance is more original than a movie, plus it’s much classier. So the two of you can get dressed up and enjoy yourselves. You can also go for a live comedy or a sport event that interests you both.

A few essentials for both, while on a first date are – to feel relaxed and comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more fun you will have; to laugh together …this is the absolute best thing that can happen on a first date and will surely lead into a second one; be yourself and wear your style & sense of humour!

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