Touch your SOLE …feel your FEET!

We all know feet touches the ground …touches our footwear …touches the dirty roads …touches a grassy lawn …touches our smelly socks …touches water, cold or hot …touches dusty floorings …touches floral carpets …touches spilt food or liquids or garbage unknowingly …touches your own body while exercising and doing yoga …touches your partners body while love making; but do you know – Your Foot-Sole – is one of THE MOST sensitive parts of your body!

Listen to your feet carefully …it is not only standing and walking always; but also talking to you. Give it some attention …don’t often ignore it! Beautify this FEET of yours which takes you to places …make time for it like how you do, to your other body parts. It is believed that your foot-sole is your second heart! The sole of the feet, where acupuncture points are concentrated as a reflected area of the whole body, has a great influence on the circulation of the blood as to be called “a second heart”.

Just by applying a loud nail paint, you cannot cover the flaws – of your feet, of your sole – behind those years of neglect. Rediscover your feet and your sole …pamper it frequently, pedicure it on a regular basis, close those cracked-heels, kill those foot-corns, moisturise your dried feet, scrub those dead cells, smoothen that hard surface, indulge in foot-spas, touch your sole, feel your feet …Let your Foot-Sole Breathe and Let your Feet Smile! You never know, maybe it’s not only your heart, but also your soul peacefully resting on your foot-sole!

And what more, a beautiful pair of foot …a beautiful pair of sole, can be very sensual …can enhance love making …can ooze confidence …can make you go crazy on bed. BEAUTIFY your feet …your sole and see your mate wooing you beautifully!

Der haustier-wellensittich kann zu jeder zeit mit der mauser beginnen, völlig unabhängig von ghostwriter gesucht der jahreszeit
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Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!

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