touch me with your EYES …feel me with your LOOKS!

…a deep look …an intense gaze …an eye-to-eye contact …that’s it! More than enough to produce passionate feelings for each other. Eye contact is an excellent way to foster intimacy because we express so many of our feelings through the eyes. When the eyes are communicating to each other, one often falls short of words!

The gaze of your partner can cause arousal …four minutes of sustained eye contact is a recipe for falling in love …it can also create intimacy among complete strangers …incorporating more eye contact in relationships can increase closeness … frequent eye contact is a hallmark of loving relationships. Locking eyes is one of the smallest but most meaningful moves happy companions make. Like touch, staring creates instant bonds. Most often, the best sexual experiences involve heavy eye contact!

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During prolonged eye contact the ‘bonding’ or ‘love’ hormone gets released. This is the same hormone that gets released when mothers breastfeed and gaze into the eyes of their infant. There is silence when you lock eyes with your partner and it is this silence which is talking …you are diving into her personal space …she is listening to your soul. When you both see each other so closely, you probably realise what you mean to each other. The eyes can give away thoughts and feelings like no words can. By indulging in few minutes of intimate eye gazing everyday with your spouse you will experience a powerful emotional bonding!

The eyes have inspired art, literature, music, poetry and eye contact between two lovers is the foundation of the dance of intimacy. Nurture this connection with your companion. Just like your physical body, relationships need to be fed and tended to, and eye contact is the nourishment that allows relational intimacy and connection to blossom and flourish. The most important element of intimate eye contact is PRESENCE, for without it intimacy cannot survive. Presence is simply your full attention and awareness on the moment without thought or judgment. Your presence is the greatest gift you can give your wife, as she thrives on and is nourished by the undivided attention of her husband. If you are not present with her she will know it and she will feel neglected and alone, but when you are wholly in the moment with her she will blossom like a flower and the pathway to intimacy will flow effortlessly.

So much can be communicated in a glance …desire, love, care, playfulness, pleasure, sensuality. And with sexual attraction a prolonged look becomes exceptionally alluring. Just keep looking …it’s an enticing, joyous experience!

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