Are you in a space where you sense, it’s the right time …right moment …along with a right partner and the right place off course …and both of you also feel so right about the whole thing and you just want To Do It, then sure thing nothing can stop you; however don’t forget the BIG C …c for condom you see!

How much ever you trust your partner or are absolutely hygienic or whatsoever convincing explanations you have to support your indulgence without a condom, do not get into the act without one. Condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV infection and reduce the risk of pregnancy and a number of sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are by far the best protection for not only the sexually active youth, but for sexually active adults across. Get over “condom phobia” if any and just go for this effective and inexpensive medical device. Condom use is also associated with a lower rate of cervical cancer, an HPV-associated disease. So if you are game to bed your companion, it is vital that you have access to condoms to protect your health and your life …else do not bed!

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Exclusively C e L e B r A t E the love of your life!

Its basic instinct to make merry with the ones we love. And when it comes to your better half, rejoicing togetherness is never enough! We all like to do that “ONE” special thing for our lover …i

Choose your BEVERAGE carefully!

A glass of soft drink served chilled with ice cubes at a party or after a work out or merely stacked in your refrigerator sure sounds cool …however sipping them is no more cool! A soft drink typical

s e x y SECRET!

You can share money, food or sex with another and still remain complete strangers. In the end, the only way you can mean anything to another human being is to share his feelings! Like they say, the be

…The divine NUDE look!

Unlock your Skin of Oodles of Makeup and let your Nude Look do the talking this summer! Classic nude makeup is absolutely stunning, easy to do, subtle and chic as wel