There is more to “TRUST” than just Sexual Trust in a Marriage!

Coming wedding season and our homes may have a reception card or a marriage invitation to attend to, every alternate weekend. If it’s a close family friends wedding, we go along with the whole jing bang in our family; even though our moody teenager may refuse to come, we somehow convince him to make it! While we may give some weddings a miss, there are others for which we plan well in advance and decide what to wear. And if the wedding is of someone from our own family, then we are often pre-occupied having shouldered a lot of responsibility.

Talking about marriage, it certainly isn’t a bed of roses; while going steady before marriage might have been a rosy phenomenon. Being married and staying together under the same roof is an altogether different ball game. A marriage stands or falls on the quality of its foundation. And the truth is Successful Marriages are built on TRUST! Which means the Quality of Trust also Matters!

REMEMBER, Trust isn’t given unconditionally. You have to be trustworthy to receive trust. Trust and truth go hand in hand. That is why deception of any sort is the biggest trust killer. There is no such thing as a white lie. Being honest with your spouse includes telling the truth about where you were, whom you talked to, what you said and where you spent money. Many marriages have been saved because both spouses committed to being honest, Even If It Involved Painful Truths.

The ability to Trust your mate – is one of the most wonderful gifts of a loving marriage – Trust that he will be true to you emotionally; Trust that she does what she says she will do; Trust that he is the same person on the inside that he presents on the outside; Trust that she has your best interest in mind. This creates Safety, Security and a Deeper Capacity to Love!

TRUST alone makes you feel safe to BARE your SOUL to your spouse, let NAKED EMOTIONS take over and thereby deepen your relationship with each passing day!

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