that VITAL physical contact!

You call it EMBRACE …you call it SNUGGLE …you call it HUG …you call it CUDDLE …you call it COO-CHI-COO – WHATSOEVER – this vital physical contact with your companion provides not just sensual pleasure, but also a feeling of Comfort, Security and Companionship, all of which are just as important to a relationship as SEX.

If sex is always the focus between couples, it can mean that emotional problems are never discussed. The advantage of non-sexual touching such as cuddling and stroking is that couples often use this time together to talk about their emotional lives. Then the lack of action between the sheets doesn’t affect the relationship.

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When sex is the only way of getting close, then couples often rely on making love to help them connect. This can be hazardous as they may find themselves missing out on other levels of intimacy crucial to the relationship. In addition, when passion fades so does the connect between the couple fades.

Non-sexual intimacy encourages more relaxed bonding and personal conversation which is fundamental for any relationship. That daily contact wherein – you lie entwined together on bed watching TV at night OR you cuddle up on the couch for a chat with your companion OR exchange a big hug before you step out for work – all of these can be more powerful than sex and make you feel more closer to your partner.

The frequency of CUDDLING is a far better indicator of the strength of a relationship than how often you have SEX. Cuddling is like a miracle drug releasing loads of oxytocin – the love hormone – with a huge role to play in intimacy between couples; and not just of the sexual kind.

Tenderness, regular kisses and cuddling is often more important and lead to greater relationship satisfaction. A couple can continue to express their love and affection for each other by hugging when they can’t indulge in sex due to any illness. Unlike sex, couples can cuddle anywhere, any time and enjoy all the benefits of feeling loved, cared for, protected and comforted.

This Vital Physical Contact with your partner can make the both of you less anxious; happier; help you sleep better; can strengthen your immune systems and help you get more and more close with your mate with each passing day. So go ahead, feel more satisfied in your relationship – CUDDLE & SNUGGLE – IN BED and do your mind, body and soul some good as well!

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