Tantric Sex

Exploring the art of tantric sex is the perfect way for couples to ignite their mutual passions and add some sexy new tricks to their bedroom repertoire. From provocative positions to pleasure enhancing techniques for him and her – Tantric Sex – reveals the tantalizing secrets of Tantric Theory!

During traditional lovemaking, most couples are focused on the goal – orgasm and ejaculation. Foreplay is optional and distinct from “actual sex”; with the objective being to reach climax, often as quickly as possible. While indulging in tantric sex however, instead of focusing on the end of sex, Tantric Lovers relish the entire erotic experience and bask in extended lovemaking!

During tantric sex, every moment of the sexual encounter is considered orgasmic. A kiss, a caress, a thrust, a loving gaze, even a sensual whisper are as meaningful and as pleasurable as the final sexual release.

Tantric Lovers live in the moment and tantric sex is as prolonged as it is passionate. It’s an attitude that needs to be adopted by lovers, if they choose to practice tantric sex. Balancing the body’s chakras or energy centers, meditation, breath control and synchronicity, intimacy rituals, erotic exploration and climax controls are some Tantric sex practices. Tantric sex will help lovers achieve new levels of intimate connection and sexual satisfaction.

The unique and egalitarian sexual union experienced during tantric sex – leaves lovers with profound respect, understanding and enjoyment of each other – thereby strengthening the integrity of intimate relationships!

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