t O u C h me!

Of all the five senses a human being is born with, TOUCH is the first sense to develop in humans …and it may be the last to fade! Touch is our most intimate and most powerful form of communication. It is undoubtedly the language of love! To your beloved your touch is so special …it’s the only language your baby really understands …it’s a language shared by friends across the world.

Interestingly, we acquire touch, before birth and therefore we cannot live without it. Touch never blinks …never turns off its awareness of the world around us. Touch also shapes our minds, health and is a primal need, as necessary for growth as food, clothing or shelter. In fact, the caresses in early youth often lead to healthier brain cells and clearer memories in adulthood. N lo! the pats and strokes in the formative years lead to fewer problems from ageing.

The world we perceive through touch differs from what our eyes see. In addition, when somebody touches us emotionally, it means he or she has gone to the core of our being. And physical touch is indeed more than skin-deep. Even when unnoticed, TOUCH exerts a powerful psychological impact!

Your touch has the power to make a difference. REACH OUT to those you hold dear through this language of love!

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