Supper Secrets!

Some of us associate dinners with family/ friends socialising time …some of us associate it to sleep …still others hog thinking that it’s the last meal of the day …some of them cant separate television and dinner …while still others love their dinners had peacefully at home compared to lunches had at office premises!

Whatever be the case DINNER is an important meal which must never be skipped, since you won’t eat again for at least another ten hours or so. Also it fuels the body for essential processes while we sleep. And its when you avoid your supper, you land up craving for something sweet at night.

MORAL: Eat a light, healthy, carb-included, small dinner every night and stay awake for at least two hours post that. You’ll wake up happy, fresh and full of life the next day, it will clear your bowels and will help you lose some weight along the way. Of all the meals, dinner should be the lightest and preferably had early because the longer you wait to eat the more likely you are to overeat as you may be more hungry.

SAY NO TO stimulants with your dinner like alcohol, caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate, fizzy drinks as these can prevent you from getting to sleep. The high calorie carbonated drinks are your worst enemies at night as they make you gain weight and the caffeine content triggers unease and discomfort at night. Extremely spicy food should also be avoided. In addition avoid fatty foods, cheese, butter, cream, sugars, desserts, pizzas and junk to make it simpler for your body to break the food down.

Do you know it takes about 20 minutes for the body to register that we are full! So relax …sit straight and eat slowly …take time to chew …taste and enjoy every morsel of food. By slowing our eating we are less likely to overeat. If you prefer a pre-dinner drink, opt for fresh juices or a soup. After dinner, a warm glass of milk works magical. And if you desire an ice-cream, substitute it with a fruit.
In case you do not have the choice of an early dinner, squeeze in a snack between five and six in the evening when most of us feel hungry. This snack will fill your stomach enough to have a light dinner – say a soup, salad or sandwich – later once you are home.

REMEMBER – “Super Suppers” do not let the body focus on digestion; rather it facilitates the body to relax and rejuvenate the body cells. Therefore with a little planning, we ought to imbibe this art of fine dinning!

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