“sukhi sabzis” OVER gravies!

Do you land up eating out always OR have the tendency to keep ordering for food parcels OR find yourself often at the take-away menu counter? In that case you are bound to put on some extra kilos gradually. If you have no option and ought to continue your intake of outside food, then it would be just wise to order right to save you from that hotel belly!

A point to note is that most gravies in restaurants are prepared with butter or cream or cornflour so that the gravy is thicker; also ground almonds and cashews for thick sauces …all this so that the dish is more palatable to the customer. Such rich food consumed once in a while is absolutely yummy for both your tongue and your tummy. However on a daily basis, not a great idea.

Therefore switch to sukhi sabzis if you eat out everyday; you can save yourself from some tyres around the waist. Yet another common tendency when we eat out is to go in for fried or deep fried items. We should instead opt for steamed, grilled or baked menu. So maybe going in for jacket potatoes over the most common French fries OR steamed momos over fried ones would do loads of good!

The next time you place your order just remember “sukhi” over “gravy” AND “grilled or steamed” over “fried”!

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Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!