…sip & gulp your way to good health!

Often when we get a chance to drink something we are at a loss of “what to drink” …we either land up with one of the healthiest beverage – W A T E R – or else we go in for our regular cuppa steaming chai or coffee, isn’t it! However the next time you get a chance to place an order for a drink – wherever you are …at a party or waiting for your client at the lobby or at a wedding reception or at the town hall celebration of your organisation or at your kids annual day meet or at a mall between meetings – don’t forget to go for these healthy beverages!

What’s stopping you to sip the yummy Hot Chocolate …preferably go for hot chocolate with raw cocoa powder and not that powdered stuff! Next on this list is the popular Ginger Tea …ask for freshly brewed ginger tea preferably with a little honey. You would certainly enjoy this beverage which is an excellent natural remedy for easing digestion and all tummy troubles, upset stomach, motion sickness and pregnancy related nausea.

Gulp a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice and get your dose of vitamin C. Guzzle the power packed Pomegranate Juice. Having this red juice every now and then is a fantastic choice. Go for pure pomegranate juice without sugar without ice. Pure Cranberry Juice is yet another option, again without sugar without ice. Boost your immune system with your very own Lemon Juice. Squeeze a half lemon, which also brings vitamin C into a cool glass of water in the morning to get your day going right. Time for some Beet Juice now to increase your stamina …again without sugar without ice!

An excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, MILK is always an option. It may seem like less of a grown-up drink than other options, but low fat and skim milk are still great sources of protein and other essential micronutrients. This list would certainly be incomplete without the mention of a cup of Green Tea which will not only give you that energy boost but also a nice side of antioxidants with each cup! Way to go …SIPPING & GULPING your way to glory!

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