…secret password of a ROCKING marriage!

We are living in an era where divorce is the order of the day. Whether couples opt to live separately OR seek an amicable divorce, modern marriages are increasingly ending up. Certainly times have changed …lifestyles have changed …priorities have changed …gender roles have changed …so also the secret to keep your marriage rocking and strong have changed!

It is undoubtedly too early to write off the institution. Maybe marriage has a new definition today however monogamy is still alive …there sure are takers for being a One Woman’s Man OR vice versa. So for all those who like to have their marriage for keeps, we decode the secret password of a rocking marriage!

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All you ladies out there – remember to – Never Hurt the Male Ego. The whole world can do so, but you shouldn’t. Even if there is a need to pamper his false ego, do so at the time of crisis. And later on when things have cooled down, you can always communicate facts to him Without Hurting his Ego!

Men – beware of – Not Being Sensitive to Her Feelings. If your woman begins to believe that you are not attending to her feelings any more, you had it. For instance, she can say anything about her family …however you dare not step in and voice your opinion about her family. All you need to do is Attentively Lent a Listening Ear when she wants to get talking about the ‘goods and bads’ of her family.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt – mind you – this is absolutely true! So while you have a lot of “US” time, don’t forget your “ME” time either. Fights are totally normal, however so is making up. Don’t take your fights to bed. Patch Up before you call it a day!

Write this in – BOLD and ALL CAPS if you wish – all over your home …your heart …your soul, “Respect each other’s weaknesses and sensitive points.” If she can’t stand her unsuccessful attempts at understanding technology being made fun of and he can’t bear to hear any criticism about his baldness, know where to draw the line. Rubbing each other in a healthy manner with good humour is fine, provided you know When and Where to STOP.

Be aware that early days passion is bound to fizzle out. Deal with it by re-establishing the connect that brought you both together rather than crave, crib and weep for that lost passion. Enjoy Companionship which takes over when passion drops.

COMMUNICATION is as imperative as SPACE. So while you give space to the other and to the relationship, make it a point to fill each other in when you catch up. Also go for dates and breaks together at regular intervals; get a breather from the daily discussions of bills and children and focus on only the two of you. Put together some spontaneous moments and take off the unbeaten path.

Don’t take the action between the sheets for granted OR for that matter even treat it like a compulsion. Come What May, SLEEP TOGETHER. That vital physical contact during bedtime has tremendous psychological impact and the power to heal …to forgive …to reach out and to re-connect. Your bed has the capacity to take care of your bond!

When it comes to your Offspring’s Upbringing, strike a balance and find a healthy middle ground rather than play the blame game and get into a discord. And last but not the least – Infidelity – which is certainly a strict NO NO; however avoid suspecting your partner at the drop of a hat. Give them the space to be appreciative of someone of the opposite sex OR be a recipient of admiring glances from them. In addition, stop jumping into bizarre conclusions unless you’ve caught her or him red-handed with evidence. Don’t get melodramatic and don’t assume either. Confront the matter if the need arises and deal with it with maturity.

Be Trustworthy and Dissolve your Differences and keep ROCKING your marriage!

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