“Say IT” to Express …not Impress!

you love me na …bolo na …please bolo na …off course I do …oh come’ on! If I didn’t I wouldn’t bother to connect with you in the midst of my super busy day. I make it a point to be sure that all is well in your world …after a long day when am driving back home and eager to retire, I still pick up some utility items required at home if I pass by them, even without you telling me; just so that your work is reduced. Can’t you see this is only because I love you!

Sure thing, Actions Speak Louder Than Words …but hang in there, all said and done its still essential to – “put it in as many words as possible” – that you love your partner. Expression of your feelings is important for the other person. You don’t have to keep repeating these lines like a parrot, however you do need to convey your love in WORDS once in a while! Especially after years of togetherness these expressions are taken for granted. But know that in reality your better-half yearns to listen to these heartening words!

These words are merely reassuring statements and its absolutely true, that if these expressions are not followed with actions, they don’t make any sense. Yet these WORDS of EXPRESSION are magical to any relationship. Go for it …you don’t have to always tell those three words mechanically …get creative in your expression …look into the eyes and convey …in the midst of an argument express these words genuinely …make a call out of the blue only to say the three words. Don’t always tell him/ her, these words Only on Bed! That could be hazardous; and also don’t keep using the digital medium to convey the same. Communication in WORDS goes a long way!

Just like that go and tell her “I Love You” and MEAN it, while you SAY it!

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