s e x y SECRET!

You can share money, food or sex with another and still remain complete strangers. In the end, the only way you can mean anything to another human being is to share his feelings! Like they say, the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart!

FEELINGS may not help much in playing the stock market or in making out our income-tax return …however in all the really fundamental issues of life, the final decision is best left to feelings! What happens on bed between a couple and within the confines of the bedroom depends a lot then on “How They Feel”! Feelings are like a living language that keep us in touch with each other …whether you are aware or no, your feelings are continuously talking to your partner …they are sending out vibrations to your mate …you remain connected with one another through your feelings, not as mere spectators but as participants in a never-ending drama.

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Often, you may be the ‘same fabulous lover’ on bed; but the relationship is definitely not. Your good old days maybe then temporarily hidden behind a veil of hurt feelings and prejudices OR even monotony for that matter. While constructive communication can deal with upset feelings; the key to breaking monotony lies basically in non-sexual manouveurs like talking, sharing, caring and empathy. In addition, a smile, a look, a warm caress, a gentle touch, a tender kiss also convey volumes of how one feels and is better expressed than words.

Also the notion that fresh flesh turns one on, is because of the feeling of excitement that comes along with a new companion full of mystery and attraction. But the promise that sex will be better and more exciting with a new partner is usually false!

Decode this secret and remind yourself that, SEX is all about HOW YOU FEEL and IT’S IN THE MIND. So the next time you are all set to make love with your spouse, ensure that you are in a “Feel Good State of Mind”!

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