Rules of Falling in Love!

Do you think you need to follow rules while falling in love …well your instant reaction will be, then its not love! Fair enough, however rules in this context means – after having discovered love, then follow some baby steps to walk through the path in order to see it blossom.

Don’t jump the gun; let your love story unfold itself naturally without you influencing it in anyway. Give space to each other and take your time. Spend quality time rather than forcefully decide to be with each other, simply because you are in love. During this period, your every outing need not be with your girl friend or boy friend …you can still hang out with your other social circles minus your dating partner. Get to know each other better as individuals during your times of togetherness, instead of indulging in Emotional Game Playing.

If either of you are living alone – as a rule for the first two months – avoid spending time home alone with your companion even if you are strongly attracted to him or her. This is purely if you want to make the association work. Indulge in activities together …communicate openly; yet skilfully give out information about yourself, till you are sure about the person. Be honest and don’t be stubborn to just make it work.

Do not rush through this phase, since remember you are building the foundation of a life long relationship. Respect each others life styles and genuinely figure out if you can fit-in into your partner’s world. Take responsibility of not only what you do, but also of what you say …as in, YOU better MEAN what you SAY! Else DON’T SAY! Don’t judge your girl friends or boy friends past; however evaluate his or her present conduct. Avoid bringing in past relationships; however get to know why the past relationship didn’t work.

Come what may …don’t break your partners TRUST in this period; since things are bound to fall apart for life if you break trust. Also check your Commitment Levels, which is a critical deciding factor as to where your relationship is heading! Finally, don’t drag this period and S T R E T C H the relationship unnecessarily …take 6 months to make up your mind; even after 6 months you haven’t been able to decide about the status of your relationship, then be rest assured, YOU don’t LOVE your partner ENOUGH to marry him or her!

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