RE-invent SEX with “e R o T i C” FICTION

It is believed, images speak louder than words; however imagination speaks loudest! And lo! This imagination is created by our own mind. While we may get turned on by erotic images, however letting our imagination go wild and getting a chance to make up our own images in our head can be way too powerful. Welcome to Erotic Fiction!

Couples can indulge in Dirty Story Reading OR explore Sexual Role Playing and share their most intimate thoughts with their partners. By doing so couples can, not only explore their lesser-expressed fantasies and overcome their inhibitions; but also spice up their sex-life!

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All that matters is the story …apart from this the only essential component required is a healthy imagination full of sexual fantasies and a sense of humour with the ability to laugh it off, rather than getting judgemental.

Either of you can indulge in reading out loud an erotic fiction to your companion. In the process many sensual scenarios may get created, explored and ultimately shared. The idea is to tell your mate the most erotic, sexy story you can think of and let his or her own brain – and hands – do the work.

Read to her on bed or have her read to you that erotic novel OR just one compilation of erotic short stories, however be choosy. Browse the stories before you buy. Combine the dirty reading with your sexy male or female voice and watch your spouse get completely turned on. You wouldn’t even need to make it through the entire story.

It’s important to note that, while you are reading out loud, your partner shouldn’t be allowed to touch you at all. Keep aside a “Touch Me Not” sign board before you start reading. However they can touch themselves as much as they want. Eventually before too long, you will find your mate totally taken over by passion and not able to cope any more. That’s exactly when you need to STOP READING and spice up your intimate moments.

Besides reading – the erotic fiction can be used for Sexual Role Playing – with your companion and thereby indulge in sexual desires you might otherwise not initiate. This process too is highly sexually liberating for both partners.

Sexual desires of either of the couples involved can be very diverse and extremely personal as well. So “Indulging With Erotic Fiction” by reading or role playing may feel a bit silly. However it certainly serves as an enjoyable ingredient on your sexual menu and is sure to ignite those sparks between you and your lover. Go Ahead …Get Playful …Have Fun With It …Re-Invent SEX in your strong relationship!

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