Raise a Toast to SEX!

It’s the last month of the year and somehow this month brings along with it oodles of pleasurable moments with your loved ones. While some of them plan their annual family outings in December; others have fun by going for LIVE musical concerts, attending plays, indulging in nature trails like biking, hiking, trekking; still others take off from work and do nothing but pamper themselves by lazing around, enjoying the nip in the weather, going for spa therapies and detoxifying wellness programs; back in office work takes a backseat and you enjoy fooling around a bit and organising office lunches and parties; many parents take up to match-fixing and arrange a date for their child with the US return NRI; and then there are the ones who raise a toast to SEX!

The month has somehow set the mood …all you need to do is just go wild and with the flow. Sex isn’t supposed to be perfect, but it does get better when you stretch your sexual boundaries. So if you wish to sizzle around and make the most of the moment, add a dash of adventure to your sex sessions …GET BLINDFOLDED & HANDCUFED!

Ever wondered why handcuffs are so sexy in the first place. The answer lies in Control OR the lack of It. If your partner is shouldered with responsibilities day in and day out, having to be constantly in control and multitasking, mind you giving up control in the bedroom may be a huge turn-on for him. He would need to just sit back and enjoy his body without having to worry about your pleasure. Similarly in your daily life if your companion is the more passive one, it would be mind-blowing for her to call the shots, be dominant, be the one in control and orchestrate your love making session. Trick is in finding which category you fall into. Whichever category you do, don’t forget to switch roles, since you may find both hot and pleasurable.

And now coming to getting blindfolded …the excitement caused by blindfolding and handcuffing your lover, can perk up the adrenaline rush. With both hands restrained and eyes blindfolded it’s up to the dominant mate to begin the teasing, the surprising and playing with different sensations. Since they are blindfolded, they won’t know which sensation will come next. At that moment, there’s nothing more exciting for them than not knowing where they are going to be touched next. It is this mysterious setting that makes sex much hotter. Also the point that one of you completely submits to the whims of the other and is ready to be a sexual slave for the night makes your sexual intercourse steaming hot. This session ends when the two of you are left with no choice but have sex which each other.

This is one moment when being helpless is definitely pleasurable where you enjoy the mild domination. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for both the partners, which certainly adds to the sexual experience. Any handcuffs will work; even a satin scarf that you tie loosely will do fine. And try a silky material for a blindfold to get an extra soft feel.

So go ahead, multiple your bedroom passion using blindfolds & handcuffs, which is an incredible way to spice up your love life and get going with some real hot action!

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