Post-Coital Conversation

Ever wondered, even after a mind blowing sexual session, a woman is still left heartbreaking! Well it’s a classic case of the absence of post-coital conversation. Often men and women have a lovely time climaxing on bed and then within seconds all you can hear is the sound of snore. Yes the man has completely dozed off and is already in deep sleep.

Whereas the woman still lingers around with her thoughts on bed, all by herself. She is seeking emotional completion to the rocking session she had on bed. We all know men and women are made differently owing to their varied hormones. So also the way they address sex and the way they respond to sex are poles apart. Once the act is over, there too, there is a stark distinction in their behaviour and expectations. Men are eager to sleep while women want to communicate …want to listen …want to share and care. They do not like to immediately snooze after a sexual intercourse. They like to indulge in a post-coital conversation for some brief moments.

So all you men out there – after having sex – refrain from your slumber and kick start a tender loving conversation with your companion. All she requires is few minutes of YOUR complete attention post the sexual act!

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