Party in DENIMS & make a Fascinating Fashion Statement!

Come Friday and you will see all those corporate honchos slip into their all time favourite denims. Whether it’s called Friday dressing or the semi casual attire …who cares; the boy or the girl inside the formal wear is waiting to jump out as the weekend approaches. JEANS can be so comfortable …can’t imagine a world without them!

Today however the addictive denim has a new status …if you pick up the right pair that suits your body contours, stylise it well with accessories, go for coloured jeans and denim jackets …that’s it, you can wear them for breakfast business meetings or the cocktail party TO your family Sunday brunches or your casual outings. Be it any occasion, you can make a rather BIG Style Statement with your purani jeans!

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Rules are meant to be broken …BUT RESPONSIBLY! So whoever believes that denims for the evening are a strict No No, here is what you can do. Your jeans wardrobe ought to include everything – a thoughtfully bought pair of well-fitted jeans enhancing all your best assets and not pulling on your weaker areas, denim shirt, denim skirt and jacket as well! Now this closet of yours will undoubtedly be the most long-lasting and a multipurpose one, since the older the jeans …the better it gets!

GO GLAM with your statement blue jeans by mixing it with gold, silver or even copper; pair it with a sequined blouse tucked in; or a classy top, maybe an embroidered tunic or a chiffon blouse; a balloon sleeve sweater; add a black and gold belt; strappy metallic heels and a well-structured blazer with tuxedo cuts can do wonders; dark jeans, bootcut, classic straight leg and skinny jeans are perfect for the evening; either a striking long necklace with a simple choker or statement earrings; maybe a bright bracelet or ring; a brighter shade of belted coat with dark jeans and matching heels; don’t forget your shimmery eye shadow, striking mascara and night lipstick with a layer of gloss. And now step out with your sparkling clutch just big enough to hold all the basics. Party effortlessly with this killer attire …rock the floor …groove to the music …and get noticed!

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