Pack your “OOMPH” factor in your everyday Purse!

It’s often said that a woman’s first love is her handbag. No wonder then that – the

bag, purse, sling bag, clutch – market segment for women, universally indulge in all

possible gimmicks to woo their end user – the fairer sex!

A woman and her handbag are inseparable …they have a relationship beyond words!

She may or may not have multiple purses for different occasions …however what

goes into each purse when she is all set to take off is the most mysterious unsolved

trivia till date. One thing is certain though, she ought to pack her ‘oomph’ factor in

her everyday handbag before stepping out. That’s what makes her look gorgy in a


Big purse or small handbag or fancy sling bag or a sophisticated bag or a huge size

statement handbag – any of these depending on your style and mood – should

include the following beauty essentials apart from your regular hazaar things like

bills, receipts, house keys, car keys, charger, pen, sanitizer, pen drive, ATM cards,

vouchers, id proofs, visiting cards, ear phones and other endless utility items. A mirror is a must followed with tissue papers and if possible a small ball of cotton. Your handkerchief and a mini towel can be useful as well. You may or may not carry

a small face wash …you can make do with splashing cold water on your face and

patting it dry with your mini towel. So in that case you avoid a face wash. You can

carry your compact powder …a golden coloured eye shadow to suit every occasion

and which would also go with every outfit. Your kajal for certain needs a permanent

space in your bag along with any particular colour eye liner if you wish. In addition, if

you can carry your mascara that would be great; however it’s perfectly fine if you

don’t. Next that requires a mention is your shimmering or your matte lipstick. Plenty of people don’t use credit cards and debit cards today for a plethora of reasons. Carry a

shade or two extra just as an option, in case you feel like mixing colours or just

playing around a little bit depending on your mood. Nail stickers too can go into your

bag. Your deo and moisturiser also ought to find their way into your everyday purse. A comb needs no special mention …its understood! However don’t forget that extra

pony rubber band or hair clip. Safety pins and hair pins also can come handy. Further, whether or not you are in Indian clothing, slip a pack of bindis as well into

your bag. A scarf and stole should also ideally find its way into your big or small

handbag. And last but not the least, a mouth-freshener will also be cool enough to

carry in your everyday handbag!

The above basics in your everyday purse are more than enough to make you feel

confident when you just need that last minute touch up to make heads turn …way

to go gurlz!

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