n A k E d Emotions!

Ever wondered why those moments of intimacy remain etched in our minds …maybe because most often we are embraced with intensity of feelings during that time and our naked emotions take over. Since marriage is about nakedness, it sure is a beautiful experience to become “emotionally naked” with one another.

It is imperative to first learn to be naked emotionally with our partners before indulging in physical intimacy. When we are spiritually and emotionally connected to our companions, then the process of going bare with each others bodies feels divine.

However emotions are kind of misunderstood and often feared. We are constantly nagged by the thought that it is not possible to control emotions and therefore we prefer concealing them. But should there be a need to remain disguised in a relationship so personal and dear! When we unite our lives and bodies with our spouses as ONE, the bliss of this togetherness also demands our emotions to go all bare and naked. Nevertheless we tend to hide ourselves emotionally due to umpteen deep rooted scars.

Men and women are designed to complete and compliment each other. This can happen when they work as a team. We must put the needs of our spouse ahead of our own. The emotional disguise couples often display can only be destroyed, when they are willing to see that, they need to trust and rely on someone other than themselves.

Emotional nakedness may seem tough but it is absolutely worth it. To be emotionally naked requires humility. It requires us to humbly admit we don’t have it all together.
Get over the fear that your spouse will reject you because of your “emotional garbage and junk”! …let go …let loose …flow with the flow of your feelings and dive into the world of each others emotions and let Emotional Nakedness HAPPEN. By doing so you and your mate will breathe a lot of freedom …both of you will use your capacities and natural inclinations to serve each other lovingly …fear would never come in the way of your caring bond …either of you wouldn’t put down each other nor overlook the other. Unleashing your naked emotions would bring about a blissful harmony between the two of you and your relationship will certainly soar and bloom.

Being emotionally naked you not only experience total Freedom in your marriage but also begin to enjoy the taste of Marital Bliss completely!

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