Mental MAKE-UP!

We have all heard of the age old proverb “Beauty is only skin deep”! It’s so true, isn’t it? As in take for instance …you do anything and everything to look ravishing …you rub your body with loofah and aromatic oils …scrub your skin …bleach it …cleanse it …tone it …moisturise it …steam it …soak yourself in all possible beauty processes …apply make-up …adorn yourself with exquisite jewellery …funky bindis …pretty clothes …attractive footwear and an nice looking hair-do. BINGO …you have scored 100 out of 100 for your external appearances.

But my little princess, what’s the scene INSIDE? Have you even bothered to check out? Or are you wondering, how much does it matter! Well in that case, here is the truth – Inner Beauty definitely matters and makes you a Woman of Substance! If you believe first impression matters and that solely depends on your physical beauty …HANG ON! Its beauty – with brains and character – that is going to take you places.

If physical make-up can make you LOOK beautiful and confident; mental make-up can make you FEEL beautiful and confident! And mind you, the former is temporary …the latter is lasting. So what goes into a mental make-up kit? Everyday do at least one thing that makes you happy …exercise …do yoga …meditate …indulge in doing NOTHING for sometime everyday …make time for “ME” time everyday …take a walk …spend quality time with your children …catch up on READING your favourite books and periodicals …plan a lunch date with an old pal in the midst of a busy week …take your parents on a surprise dinner date …go for a SPA …believe in the art of GIVING …D a N c E and let your hair loose …TRAVEL …enrol in some activity with your spouse …learn something new – a language, driving, an instrument, swimming, a form of art, cooking, playing sudoko, a sport – whatsoever …once a week call one friend whom you have lost in touch with …for a change wake up early and head to a beach ONLY to see the SUNRISE!
All of this Mental Make-Up is bound to strengthen your character and you are gonna remain forever young, forever beautiful – from outside and inside!!!

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Erotica is in the air and nobody

Erotica is in the air and nobody shy’s away from talking about relationship, Love and sex. In the past, writers weren't paid because of the expense of producing the issue, which was in turn given as

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