Sixty seconds make a minute …sixty minutes make an hour …twenty four hours make a day …seven days a week will make …thirty to thirty one days makes a month …twelve months maketh a year! This is the so called TIME given to us during which we are born and continue to grow gracefully. We are all gifted with BEAUTY during our lifetime here …however what is more challenging is MAINTAINING that Beautiful YOU!

To take care of this BEAUTY is a more daunting task in the midst of the umpteen responsibilities and roles we play through life. However we can certainly make it a simplified formula by adhering to a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly BEAUTY REGIME for ourselves. It’s not essential to do everything every single day …though there are a few aspects of beauty that one ought to indulge in daily for a better YOU.

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Moisturising your body parts after a shower is a must …and when done regularly it becomes part of your daily chore naturally. Application of sunscreen on exposed parts of your body is yet another task to be done. Then depending on where you are heading you can beautify your face and neck with your regular dash of nourishing beauty products. For your hair, in accordance with the length, you can decide how frequently it requires a wash in a week …so maybe once a week, or twice a week or thrice a week your hair needs to be oiled and shampooed with conditioner.

Through the day wherever you are make it a point to splash cold water on your face at least once and if done twice still better. You can touch-up your make-up after you pat dry your face if you wish. Before retiring you ought to remove your make-up, kajal and every other tiny product applied to your skin with a cleansing lotion and cotton maybe. Then wash your face with a face wash OR facial cleanser and pamper it to a rejuvenating night cream. Special cream for your eyes if it requires, balm for your lips and slight moisturizer for your fingers and feet!

While “ONCE A WEEK” you can scrub your face with a face scrub or maybe polish your face with a face polish; “TWICE A WEEK” you can hydrate your face and neck with a face pack that suits you, say a sink-in moisture mask OR just apply plain honey on your face and neck OR some homemade facial packs.

“ONCE A MONTH” go for your bleach followed with a fruit nourished facial at your regular parlour …get a head spa done “ONCE A MONTH” inclusive of hair oil massage and hair wash …indulge in a manicure and pedicure “EVERY QUARTER” or “EVERY ALTERNATE MONTH” depending on the season.

Commit yourself to fill your days, weeks and months with this EASY EFFORTLESS schedule and MAINTAIN a BEAUTIFUL YOU!

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