Long Distance Relationships!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder …but mind you, if you are absent for tooooooo looooooong THEN …Out of Sight is Out of Mind! Jokes apart, we are talking about geographical boundaries, terrestrial regions, miles across, time zone differences which come in the way of relationships. Off course with technological innovations no distance seems long enough …however physical presence IS PHYSICAL PRESENCE. And cannot be compensated by getting in touch with a click or a wifi connection or a video chat.

Quite often there is little you can do about it …as in couples stay apart for various genuine reasons. In any case maintaining a long distance relationship is definitely challenging, however not impossible. If you find yourself in one any time, never mind …first set ground rules for the both of you to follow, which obviously both of you agree on. Second, remember to leave a message if you aint able to show up on the world wide web at your decided time. Further, when you get connected to your partner via technology, use that time to indulge in conversations that lead to better bonding, emotional healing, fun moments, laughter, sharing and caring; and strictly avoid complaining or playing games with each other. If you have a nagging issue that is bothering you, write to him or her, so that the next time you are both online, that time can be used to reach at a solution or discuss any clarification if necessary. Then don’t forget to enjoy the “ME” time that you get …use this time to enhance yourself which will certainly benefit your relationship as well.

It goes without saying that TRUST is the basis of long distance relationships, so come what may, you just need to totally trust your companion and keep that faith. Do not eat up each others basic requirement of a sound sleep, just because you are free or bored or not spoken for long. If for some reason, your time zones are so vast that it does not let you get connected for long hours or on a regular basis, it’s perfectly OK. Focus on quality time together, rather than quantity; so even if you get just 30 minutes with your spouse, every week, make the most of it. Remember technology is not your only connecting tool …get creative …write letters, post them …purchase mushy greeting cards and send them …dispatch a surprise gift for your mate …send postcards with a personal memorable note whenever you go sightseeing.

Apart from all these, one most essential point to note is, “Be there when needed”, as in if the situation is such and the need of the hour demands that your companion needs your physical presence …THEN …just take off to be with your mate! No two ways about it! Also it’s important to understand that, the base of a healthy long distance relationship is often LOVE love and L o V e! If you continue loving your partner, reaching out to your spouse and stay connected with your mate, you will smoothly sail through those periods of separation.

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