Lights off …ssssshhhhhhhhh!

After a mind-blowing conversation with your companion …some fun-filled moments of playfulness …hearty laughter …giggles …its now time to dim the lights and WHISPER those Sweet-Nothings! Did you know sweet nothings can be a BIG turn-on and ignite the sparks on bed between you and your partner? However it all depends on WHAT you whisper and WHEN you whisper. Content and Timing is crucial boss! Dreamy ‘n’ Steamy lines can sure lead you straight into your bedroom; provided your romantic sweet nothings are authentic …keep them PERSONAL, that’s the secret!

What could truly fascinate your spouse is noticing something unique about him or her and feeling comfortable enough to say it – in your individual style! By doing so, you would have probably made the moment special and your lines would sound more like a true compliment. Remember sweet-nothings need to WHISPERED in your partners ears with clarity, oodles of love and loads of mischief; these lines can’t be told aloud and dramatically …naturally murmuring them is the essence of these seducing liners.

So what to whisper …share your fantasies about your lover; let your partner know that they are wanted; be adventurous; tell dirty secrets; compliment; leave no doubt about your intentions …just say without being inhibited; no talking, no arguing, no serious conversations …just get down to the details; let your lover know he completes you; tell her what you want; tell him you need him that moment, in all ways!

You may or may not know how to word all that is in your heart …however don’t you worry, by merely listening to – YOUR SWEETNOTHINGS – in your tender voice, you can completely caress your lover’s senses! Just forget everything …reach out to his ears and fill them with SWEETNOTHINGS!

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