…lets indulge in some “SEX-TALK”!

Communication in the bedroom is of paramount importance. Yet often as you get more and more comfortable with your companion, this sex talk fades away. Men begin to believe they know their partners body and what she wants on bed. Over time they tend to take their spouses orgasms for granted and trust that she is happy. HELLO MEN, just because your lady love isn’t complaining or demanding something, don’t assume it’s all perfect!

Open communication between couples of any age, about their sexual fantasies, needs and satisfaction levels is key to a healthy sexual life! At regular intervals, developing this kind of communication about sex between the both of you might start something amazing. There is no rule about the best time to talk about sex. Men often have to initiate and talk to their mate about what they like. They can indulge in this sex talk either before, during or after sex.

Women have a broad definition of sex, so this doesn’t necessarily mean they want more intercourse. Men need to make love to a woman’s mind, that’s important. A woman might just want to feel more sexual in general, so let her know you are thinking about her throughout the day and tinge it with sexuality. You can text her about dinner plans and ask her to wear her sizzling green floral skirt.

Men can also increase sex talk in non-sexual situation. This may encourage women to open up more. Apart from this, look out for nonverbal cues as well. Like for instance, if she keeps touching you gently, do the same for her. She would love it! And other times maybe, you can do to your partner, what you would like done to yourself.

Men are able to reach orgasm much more quickly than women; therefore foreplay gives women time to get to the same point as men do. There are many forms of “foreplay”. Incidentally foreplay for women can start in the morning or afternoon. Since anticipation is exciting for her, maybe you can offer to cook or suggest watching a film together. This attention will put her in the right frame of mind and she would spend the day thinking about an evening together. In addition, while on bed men ought to ask their partner what feels good, and keep doing it. Women often need their time over a build up of sensations.

It’s a thumb rule for men to be educated and know that women need Clitoral Stimulation to have an orgasm; and mind you, the clitoris is not located inside the vagina! Penetrative sex no doubt feels good; however it won’t get a woman there like it will for a man. Also men need to remind themselves, that women don’t love sex for the orgasms …she loves it because SEX brings YOU and HER closer together. The more men try to focus on orgasm, the more they scare it away. Instead, its better he attends to her without that Big-O mind-set!

Last but not the least, there is nothing worse than a man who comes in a short time but refuses to acknowledge it as an issue when it happens repeatedly. Women do understand that some men have issues with “how long they last for during sex”. This is a critical area related to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. If her lover can prolong his orgasm and wait till she comes, that’s ideal. However that may not always happen. Men should initiate and communicate about it to please their companion on bed. Women most certainly will be open to talking to their spouses about it and work on it together.

Look no further …go make love to her mind …make her feel more sexual in your company …indulge in some sex-talk with your mate and make it great!

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