Kya karu main ab?

I have excessive burning during intercourse – mostly on the entrance to the vagina. It is making me feel that I don’t want to have sex. It also makes me tighten up – causing more pain during sex. Lately it has been causing my partner to get a burning sensation too on the penis during intercourse, which I cannot understand. I have had thrush before and not sure whether this is causing it. I am concerned it is something much more serious. Can you offer any advice? Occasionally when wearing a tampon I get discomfort – although not really burning.

A woman shouldn’t have ‘burning’ during intercourse. So, clearly something is wrong. I doubt if it is ‘serious’ in the sense of ‘very dangerous to your health’. But it must be diagnosed and treated. Possibilities include:

thrush – which you mention trichomonas – another common vaginal infection allergy. There are plenty of other possible causes but obviously you need to get an expert medical check-up now.


I have ‘lumpy’ semen. As far as I can remember it has always been that way. I think I read somewhere that it is fatty deposits or something like that, but I am slightly concerned and about my future fertility. I am more than a little shy , hence not speaking to my  Doctor .

Lumpy semen is normal for many males. A lot of guys have this type of fluid. If you’re still concerned, have a semen test and sperm count.

It does not affect your fertility and does not causes any Physical Deformities as such in Sexual organs .


During the time my husband and I have been dating and married, he has had some episodes where he has not been able to have an ERECTION during intercourse. He is only 37, very healthy (has an examination and blood test every year), is not on any medication, and does not drink or smoke. He works out every other day and has a good diet. He insists that there is not a problem between us and that I am not the cause of him not being able to have an ERECTION.

He has been able to masturbate and keep his ERECTIONS during this period and on several occasions has been able to have a ERECTION for us to have intercourse.

I am having problems believing that this is not caused because of an issue he has with me since he is able to masturbate and get and erections that way.

Is this common with men that have erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It is a fact that masturbation causes less tension for men than sexual intercourse does, so it may well be that he gets a bit anxious when he is preparing to have sex with you .

Anything you can do to calm him down and relax him would be helpful. But it’s clear that your man does need a much fuller check-up from a doctor – particularly for things like diabetes. This must include an examination of his genitals, and a blood or urine test.