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Mar 2
Kya Karu Main Ab

‘Sex’ in India is a taboo and is a subject that most of the people are uncomfortable with.. Many a times people are deeply frustrated and desperately need help, but do not know whom to speak to. Some people even find it difficult to discuss it in front of a Doctor.

This is where ‘kya karu main ab’ plays a key role in guiding people about their various sexual problems. A format that consists of a collection of real stories, dramatized characters, subject specialists , audience interaction and more. The show is designed in the highest acceptable presentation format. Various experts like sexologist, gynecologist and social workers are invited on the show to discuss on a topic in each episode

The topics are discussed in- depth, also the show gives the viewers an advantage to call up and ask their queries regarding their sexual problems. Whereby the subject specialists analyze the specific issue and the audience gets an opportunity to communicate. Viewers use various formats such as Phone calls, SMS’s, emails & letters. The show is popular amongst the viewers & it has encouraged people to start talking about their intimate issues rather than keeping quite and feeling helpless.