knock knock …LISTEN …your BEAUTIFUL BONES are talking!

“BONES” …now tell me what is coming to your mind …tell me …tell me …maybe dogs …may be the image of one of your XRAY reports with a hazy-white-ghost like transparent visuals …or still better maybe the common hindi phrase, ‘kebab mein haddi’! Well I often thought of senior citizens when it came to bones. And LO! am wrong. Be it the youth or the elderly, bones can pose a problem for anyone today.

Especially now that mornings are cool cool and cozy, am certain most of us – young or old – become couch potatoes and all our workout regime goes for a toss. Somehow the lazy bed, the inseparable blanket and our deep slumber takes precedence over our morning jogs and walks and suryanamaskars and gymming!

But I discovered the nasty truth that if you want to remain BEAUTIFUL for life …Be Kind To Your Bones, ALWAYS! Which means come rain or shine, attend to your bones …don’t ignore them! While we all are well aware that – a balanced, healthy and rich diet in vitamin D and calcium is crucial and essential – the fact is we also need to USE OUR BONES for keeping them strong.

Particularly in this time and age, where we continuously sit for hours with our tabs or smartphones, ideally we need at least five hours of weight-bearing exercise every week. Be it as simple as housework or walking; or golf or gardening; or maybe running or dancing – anything that will require you to be active and on your feet. It’s important to note that, activities such as swimming and cycling are not weight bearing, although they will help keep us flexible and fit.

No work out is bad news for your joints because exercise helps lubricate them to prevent pain. Hence one reason cold weather is linked to joint pain is because people are less likely to work out when it’s chilly and damp. Never mind, bring your workout indoors by choosing low-impact aerobic moves that are easy on joints, such as walking and yoga or tai chi which enhance your range of motion. Lifting weights can also help because it builds joint-supporting muscles. Whatever you choose, remember – Don’t Overdo! So while you do everything for being a Slim Beauty, don’t forget your “Bone Beauty”!

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