…just 60 “SECONDS” of …oOoh …aaaaaAAAaah!

Time is the essence when your blood runs heavy below the waist and you get a horny feeling inside and both of you just can’t be bothered for an elaborate love making session …what in case the feeling goes! You want to capture and make the most of THAT MINUTE …you’re desperate to have each other …right there …right then! You kinda feel like a beast with animalistic tendencies, where your lust-fuelled hormones are oozing and hungry to keep your hands off one another! Seize that moment and lick and kick and kiss and rub and touch and play and before you know, you have hit the “BIG O” in no time!

QUICKIES can be AWESOME …it is quite intense …exciting …and brings in spontaneity that may be lacking in a “regular romantic sex”. It makes you stay focused on each other and reminds you both that you still trickle that spark!

When you are having a battle against time, there’s nothing better than a good old quickie. And when done right, a quickie can work for both of you leaving you ecstatic in seconds. However mind you, fast sex with little foreplay doesn’t denote “NO” foreplay!

Make out, as it helps you get turned on faster. Kiss & smooch, they accelerate the arousal process and makes a fast physical encounter feel more intimate. The attraction is so strong that you needn’t bother to get fully undressed …CLOTHES ON …also staying covered up can be more tempting. So while getting naked is the norm during sex; for a quickie, the less you take off the better. There’s something seducing about seeing your partner partially naked! It is these intense desires that are at the heart of the quickie.

Sex is fifty percent mental …so focus on pleasure instead of orgasm. RELAX and seek your mate’s pleasure as much as your own. Just do it in an unconventional spot as it creates a sense of thrill and novelty. Be it the wash basin slab OR the kitchen platform OR the corner of your store room OR in the shower OR in the midst of a crowd if you are bold enough …you could also talk dirty or naughty or nice narrating how good it feels as the action unfolds.

A quickie is a time-management tool to schedule sex around busy lifestyles and a fabulous way to get sexual satisfaction, without having to devote too much energy. Though a mind-blowing way to get pleasure and keep the flame of love alive, have QUICKIES occasionally; since a loving, healthy relationship demands a balance of taking time out and making love to your companion the romantic way. Thoroughly enjoying every bit of each other without any haste is absolutely necessary for strengthening intimacy.

Yet you can SNEAK and break away whenever possible …enjoy some QUICK physical contact with each other …do it any where, any time and inject that crazy passion back into your relationship with some sizzling QUICKIES!

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