…it’s all about “money”, HONEY!

We all know that MONEY can’t buy us LOVE, but it sure can TEAR LOVE APART …welcome to the world of “money fights”. Apart from other diversities, one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships is differences in habits when it comes to money and especially communication about money issues. Fights with your better half are never easy however financial disagreements with them can be predominantly painful. And hence couples land up doing more damage than they realize during the ‘moolahs blame game’!

Being Financially Transparent is THE foundation of good communication. Since when partners aren’t open with each other about their finances, it’s very hard for them to have an intimate relationship as well. Stressful situations created due to money issues tend to have an impact on the sex life of couples.

Talking about money is imperative in a relationship. This talking seems to be ignored by most couples since financial communication tends to get bumpy and therefore left silent. There is where the tension begins. So its best to be open about your monetary worries, about your losses, discuss financial goals and values and how you can work as a team with similar goals seeking each others happiness.

The differences between couples “money personality” often exist due to different upbringings. Hence having a discussion about your respective families’ money habits certainly helps bridge the gap between you and your companion’s attitude towards money. Make room to understand your partners money decision and perspective rather than always sticking to your views on Saving and Spending. This approach will surely avoid nasty money fights between the two of you and control the situation before it escalates.

In addition, financial issues are often tangled up with all kinds of emotional issues connected to childhood which needs to be untied. For a healthy money conversation with your mate, avoid mixing the two and just deal with financial habits and goals.

Since relationships aren’t one-sided it’s absolutely essential to consider both sides, to ensure both participate and neither one left out and arrive at a win-win situation so that both partners are happy. It may take time to reach there, however – come what may – MAKE TIME for those weekly financial meetings – to discuss your wants and the reason behind it, to prioritise, to understand if some common desire can be looked at, to update each other of their respective financial responsibility undertaken and keep your partner in the loop – all of these conversations till you get to that Space Of Agreement Without Any Of You Surrendering.

Money talks ought to be devoid of emotions …so it’s fundamental to be honest, stay calm and positive during financial conversations; strictly no accusations, no abusive or provocative language and no getting hurt or angry over any of the issues and to objectively address every challenge. Also remind yourself to never take these discussions personally. Furthermore encourage each other and stay focused on solutions and not blame.

Above all, because MONEY does MATTER, Make Sure – LOVE is the FOUNDATION – of all your decisions pertaining to “MONEY MATTERS”!

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