…is “snack-time” your weakness!

Come evening 4’o’clock or 5.00 or 6.00pm and your mind sneaks through for something to snack. This snack-time is often what most people look forward to during the day since it’s considered to be the most delicious meal. And for a lot many of us, snacks = samosas, batata vada, bhajis, vada pav, banana chips, potato chips, bhel, dosas, chaklis and so on and so forth! Well there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of an indulgence, however on a daily basis it is certainly gonna increase your waste line. But what to do, this “MEAL between meals” is so mouth-watering!!!

Fikar not …we can snack healthy & smart without getting bored. Mind you not getting bored is very crucial, if you don’t want your snack-time to be your weakness. Use snacks to fill nutritional gaps. Make your snacks count. Choose those that provide calcium and fibre. In addition, plan snacks that provide carbohydrates and protein as well which will help tide you over until dinner. So let’s shoot some interesting munchies and crunchies for you to savour during your evenings.

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Instead of potato fries go for Sweet Potato Fries with Yogurt. Sounds cool, isn’t it! When it comes to “filling beverages”, go for Banana, Kale and Almond Milk Smoothie OR Mango and Raspberry Smoothie. You can alternate them which will bring you variety as well.

Undoubtedly nuts are pretty much the perfect snack, provided you do not overeat. Go for an ounce of Almonds with some Hummus. Next, mix cut apples with some chopped walnuts and a teaspoon or two of maple syrup. OR go for a sliced apple with a bit of peanut butter. Peanut butter gives you protein, vitamin E and iron. In addition, go nuts for unsalted peanuts, cashews and other nuts in moderation.

Grapes are yet another easy and tasty snack. Because they’re sweet and can be relished slowly and individually you will get a lot of satisfaction for just a handful. Also organic Strawberries can help satisfy a sweet tooth along with making your snack-time healthier.

Now if you need a nibble that feels a bit indulgent, look no further than Dark Chocolate. Make room for this treat every day. You can also indulge in Popcorn which is high in fibre, low in fat and delivers some protein. This popular theatre snack item too is powerful enough.

We can’t forget the yummy Tomato Juice for our snacking hour which has less than half the sugar found in orange juice. Besides it adds up to the veggies in our diet. It’s however essential to go in for 100 percent vegetable juice and not a blend made with sugary fruit juices and sweeteners.

Chickpeas is yet another evening snack with plenty of satiating fibre and a little protein. We can go in for roasted chickpeas to get a crunchy flavour. Apart from this a cup of Yogurt mixed with a half-cup of whole-grain Cereal will do wonders to your taste buds if you are a fan of yogurt and once in a while you can indulge in the regular bowl of Oatmeal as well for an evening snack.

These “simple, tasty, good-for-you snacks” can be a part of a healthy diet. When we snack sensibly we can curb cravings and help control any midday food desire!

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