…is it snowing on your HAIR!

You are at your office workstation and your hands are on your head …you are driving with one hand and the other on your head …you eat with the right hand and your left is on your head again …you are talking with the cell phone on your left hand and up goes your right hand to the head …PAUSE. Knowingly or unknowingly your fingers effortlessly take up to itching your hair! During a weather like this – cool cool windy and chilly – this is the most common problem “Dandruff”. Winter has a tendency to make our scalp itchy, dry, scaly and flaky. It becomes an area of concern for us when the quality of our hair deteriorates and when we land up embarrassing ourselves socially.

The visible white flakes of dry dead skin followed with itchiness is the main symptom of dandruff. Apart from cold air and dry skin – woolen caps obstruct air circulation around the scalp, which dry out the skin or cause excessive oil build up on the scalp leading to dandruff. In addition, improper diet, hormonal imbalance, mental stress, allergic reaction, not shampooing enough and using wrong hair care products, hereditary, specific skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, indoor heating system and not brushing your hair enough – all this can lead to this snowy syndrome!

If you have dandruff consider certain basic precautions like avoid using hair styling products or at least minimise them. Being fungal in nature dandruff may be contagious, so don’t share combs, brushes and towels with people having dandruff. Nu hör schon anmeldung bachelorarbeit rwth uff von den mächens und dem quatsch. Having a head shower two to three times a week controls dandruff to some extent. Avoid using too hot water though. Massage your scalp gently with a dandruff shampoo, leave it for few minutes and then rinse with cold water so that your scalp is totally free of these white flakes. Most importantly choose your dandruff shampoo carefully, preferably the one that contains different active ingredients to reduce dandruff. It is imperative to take a close look at your diet if you have dandruff. It has been found that diet rich in zinc, B vitamins and certain fats can control dandruff to a great extent. Try to eat more cold-water fish, flax seeds, walnuts, eggs and leafy green vegetables. It is also recommended to avoid dairy products. In addition, some simple home remedies like lemon, green tea, yogurt etc have the potential to treat dandruff and control it. Also keep a check on your stress levels …too much stress increases dandruff. With yoga, meditation and listening to soft music you can learn how to manage stressful situations and thereby reduce dandruff. In extreme cases, you can visit a dermatologist. With these minor precautions you can easily tread through these snowy flakes of hair!

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