INSTANT FOOD …how safe is it?

In this era of – Everything Instant – instant messaging, instant ticketing, instant home delivery, instant coffee, instant connectivity, instant noodles, instant video conferencing, instant banking, instant booking, instant cooking …how reliable is that quickie packaged food which gives you a sumptuous dish within seconds of sprinkling the mix into your food! Most of the ready-to-eat meals for this on-the-go generation has chemicals and does not have the essential nutrients.

Packaged food no doubt saves time and makes life easy however it’s also harming you slowly. So what is the solution …well all we need is a STRONG WILL to give healthy food a priority. The rest will automatically follow. The way out is simple – have good home-cooked food and avoid packaged foods as much as possible. And yes it is possible, it’s no big deal. It’s just that we have trained our mind to think that, “Oh my God, cooking consumes a hell lot of a time”!

Maybe it does, however all that’s required is some intelligent planning, making some smart choices and releasing that bit of laziness within you. Have extended support systems like apart from your domestic help who does the cleaning, cutting of veggies and making chapattis; hire the services of a Good Cook. On holidays and weekends, manage your time in such a way that you can prepare some extra masalas or frequently required chutneys or food garnishing for about a week and store them appropriately. No need to stock up food for more than a week, however big your family is. Also once a week free yourself from the chores of cooking and the kitchen. Order food from dabba-wallas or tiffin services who offer home made khana! And one day you can indulge in sinful food from one of the fine dinning restaurants with friends and family.

Just be aware that you aint hoarding your refrigerator with tons of packaged foods. And LO! The Good News is Packaged Foods are getting healthier, but you have to know what to look for, how to store them and dispose them off at the right time!

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