In Love …yet lonely!

Having found someone to love you and also whom you love, doesn’t mean that your lover is responsible for your happiness 24 bar 7. It’s not even their job to entertain you when you are alone. You feeling lonely despite your companion is entirely your problem. Your love is not accountable for your loneliness. Yes you can certainly seek companionship from your partner …however expecting your relationship to take care of the games your mind plays is not accepted!

What happens when you fall in love is you revolve your entire life …your complete world around that person! That doesn’t work …since you alone can fill the empty spaces in your heart. If you live in a make-believe world where you believe, since you are in love …your companion will never ever let you be lonely, WAKE UP! Take charge of your “me-time” …evolve …blossom – rather than brooding over it, by missing your lover. Embrace your moments with yourself …celebrate yourself and relate with yourself during these moments of solitude, which will undoubtedly enhance your love life. Understand that being in love doesn’t give you the license to own your partners time. Feel his or her love in their absence and enjoy that feeling instead of complaining and focusing on being lonely. However if you are experiencing a lack in love and hence feeling lonely; then communicate your concern with your partner and dissolve your differences.

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