in 2016 sprout spectacular health with SPROUTS!

We are at the last week of 2015 with just couple of hours to hit 2016. Though resolutions are meant to be broken, we still have our private secret list of changes we wish to bring about in our lives when the New Year sets in. Giving priority to health, eating on time, intending to put right efforts to be in shape, disciplined food habits, charting out a realistic fitness and workout schedule and sticking to them and similar such decisions are made by many of us in the pursuit of leading a healthy life as we enter a new calendar year.

However most often we lack the drive to sustain our resolutions made, simply because everyday life takes a toll and we ain’t able to put the efforts to carry on with our promises made to ourselves. Now if you are among those who are struggling to improve your choice of food and maintain good health from couple of years and are still looking for a more simpler diet and effortless food preparation which would give you all that power packed nutrition, vitamins and healthy benefits …then here is that Miracle Food for you – S P R O U T S!

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Sprouts are undoubtedly great for your health, a wonder food due to its high nutritional value and most importantly a super simple choice of health food. They are rich in fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and are known as health rejuvenator and mood fresher. The following best sprouts can be added to your daily diet for improving overall health and promoting weight loss – Bengal gram sprouts (kala chana), Green Gram Sprouts (mung), Bean sprouts, Alfalfa sprouts, Sunflower sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Red Lentil sprouts (masoor), Chickpea sprouts (kabuli channa).

Considering that sprouts have preserving and promoting health aspects, Naturopathy terms sprouts as medicine. Natural sprouts are good for a healthy body and mind development. It ensures blood purification and strengthens the immune system. It is very easy to fit into any meal; therefore you can replace not just the veggies in your diet with sprouts, but much of the rest of your diet too.

Sprouts being one of the best natural foods greatly help to counter the acidity and are also alkalizing to our body. Hence they are the surest answer to maintain balance between acidity and alkanity. More or less all types of sprouts have plenty of protein which is good for hair growth as more than 75 % of hair is constituted of protein. It is always advisable to eat raw sprouts. Eating raw sprouts means taking lots of nutrients at a time. Cooking of sprouts loses the nutritional value. Therefore, cooking, frying and roasting of sprouts should be discouraged. However in case of elderly people, its better to steam the sprouts and preferably also grind them, in order to make it a paste. Sprouts are also inexpensive.

Make “sprouts-sprouting” by putting sprouts seeds in jars or wet clothes along with four times of water. The energy contained in the seed, grain, nut or legume – depending on the type of sprouts you soak – is ignited through soaking and sprouting. After soaking water throughout the night, keep it in a clean cloth in the morning. Later put these fresh sprouts in a sieve and pour boiling water through it to make them more hygienic, softer and more palatable. Add chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, green chillies, chaat masala if you wish and a dash of lemon juice to make this dish delicious. This healthy food can be had in the morning, for lunch, as an evening snack, between meals or even for supper, where you can go in for a different variety of sprout each time.

By and large sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and by weight are the rich sources of an array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Include this extremely healthy and effortless addition to your 2016 Hail & Hearty Diet and there really won’t be any excuse for not sticking to your “Healthy Food New Year Resolution” this time around!

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