i love “ME”

…cosy weather …love & romance is in the air …feel like coo-chi-cooing …you want to cuddle your partner …you want to go on a dream date …you feel like savouring a hot brewing cuppa coffee over a fun-filled conversation with your lover …you just wanna wear your best attire for the season and jump out in the cold walking hand-in-hand with your companion …you wanna go on a long romantic drive with your spouse … but all you are left with is either your doggy or your tablet or your big fat teddy or your empty car!

Well if you have just broken-up or are single ready to mingle or are alone this time around with your mate miles away for work and you are missing having that special “someone” by your side and seeking love & romance in your world …THEN why not romance yourself …love yourself!

Take delight in nourishing yourself …wooing yourself …enjoy your senses …open up to how amazing things smell, taste, look and feel; as in pay attention to details that are important to you. Real romance …real love is actually in the finer things! Reconnect with different sensations …walk barefoot on sand, on grass; sink your hands into fresh earth, play with clay; go to your apartment terrace, take a deep breath in, go backwards while you open your arms completely and as you slowly breathe out embrace yourself …its feels fabulous. Revive your senses with NATURE!

Go to your den, as in the wall in your rented room or take one corner of your home sweet home …PAINT IT …just do it …get creative with your wall …or maybe you can paint some stars on the roof! So what if you aren’t a professional painter …you are bound to have some fun! Write yourself a love letter …pen down generously, praise yourself & pay yourself compliments. You will certainly enjoy the process.

Head for a romantic dinner alone …YOU are one HOT date, so whatever you want to do with your dream date, do it with yourself. Dress up, wear that smart blazer with cuff lings or that pretty skirt …look gorgy and go for that exquisite dinner. Revel in the fact that you don’t have to, have a conversation with anyone, except yourself. Smile and relish every bit of food you gulp. Strike a dialogue with the restaurant manager …appreciate the service and the person serving at your table. Remember to keep your phone away for sometime. There isn’t any need to fiddle with your smart phone just to show that you are busy. You aren’t busy …it’s perfectly OKAY to be in your own company. Cherish the solitude!

Buy yourself that sports shoes OR perfume OR car accessory that you have been wanting from long OR get some orchid flowers for yourself. Go to a bookstore, SIP a fancy hot drink and read for hours. OR still better, pack a romantic PICNIC basket with your favourite delicacies and beverages and some good music and hit the roads less travelled either on your four-wheeler or two-wheeler. Make sure your fuel tank is full. Halt at places you never did or visited before …stop at the highway and indulge in some photography …venture into the roadside exhibition or museum …if you feel tired driving, just take a break and go for a quick pedicure!

As Oscar Wilde says, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance”. Get hooked to this life long romantic journey with yourself and see how life romances you back!

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