Holistic approach to HEALTH!

Health often refers to a physical condition however; it is a very personal state of mind. Like it’s often said, if you feel healthy …you probably are healthy. It’s all in the mind! And what influences the mind is what you eat. Therefore our ancestors believed, “You are what you eat”! Right from eating fresh food to eating right to eating on time all of these affect our health and wellbeing.

We are in an era when wellness and health is on top of the mind of the entire human race at large. People are obsessed with being in shape and often get depressed when their body contours are hazy. Men and women both want to wear the best fit clothes and draw attention to their figures and looks. Therefore health & fitness is more than just burning calories …losing weight …OR following a strict DIET!

In the olden days the body was disciplined naturally – no junk food, no packaged food, no electrical gadgets – so women had to do all the grinding work manually; also since most of them were homemakers, their lives didn’t revolve around the domestic help as is the case in every household today. Therefore women did the household chores themselves. Men didn’t require the treadmill as they had to walk long distances. All this manual work put together was an exercise in itself. In a nutshell people didn’t lead sedentary lives, consumed healthier food, had good sleep patterns and over all better immune system.

Today however, health is an attitude, a lifestyle that people wear everyday and need to imbibe and follow. Good Health today demands a Holistic Approach of tapping the body, mind and soul. And does not focus on DIET alone. “DISCIPLINE” along with “DIET” is essential if you desire to remain healthy, fit and happy.

If we discipline our mind, we automatically discipline our food habits and keep a watch on what our intake of diet is, which is vital for a healthy body. Further, inner peace certainly reflects our physical health. If we are happy from within, the joy shows …our health glows …our spirit soars! Mind can be tamed with yoga, pranayam, meditation and relaxation techniques.

There are umpteen options in fitness to opt for in today’s times to suit the modern lifestyle – from fitness studios, to aerobics, to power yoga, to gym workouts, to pranayams, to dance workshops, to surya namaskars to personal fitness trainers to meditation. Men and women have fitness buddies who inspire each other. In addition most of these gyms and workout studios have enticing offers to attract enrollments and also have interesting activities to keep their customers engaged.

It’s imperative that our DIET and HEALTH ought to be in our priority list …we need to make time for it each day. It’s completely in our hands to crack the code of our wellbeing. Disciplining our body, mind and spirit should be part of our system just like we brush our teeth everyday and that’s the ONLY way to go!!!

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