…her NO is “YES”!

You first exchanged couple of emails …then it went to few chats on your smart phone …then finally came the moment you both gave a face to each other …there was a spark in the eyes …you exchanged smiles, shook hands and started connecting with one another.

Sometimes she heard you talk …sometimes you spoke and time flew in endless conversations over coffee, snacks, a stroll. There were moments when you intensely gazed at her and there were moments she looked at you when you were unaware. You shared laughter and also reached out to each others journeys of life. There were moments when your forearms brushed each other as you walked side by side. Gradually you even held hands and spent some quiet moments.

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It was time to part for the day …you embraced each other tight and that said it all. You remained in touch …also met up couple of times and finally there came the moment when you both could get intimate with each other. You cuddle …you kiss …she responds to your strokes and even strokes you back. She also begins to moan silently …however she continues to moan a “NO”. In all probability this NO means YES.

Women generally don’t like to completely make it obvious that they want to have sex with you. Either they do not want to give you a feeling that they are easily available OR maybe they like to play hard-to-get. Often they think when they are too easy, their man may find it difficult to trust them. Yet other times, they feel men like the chase and therefore behave like a hard nut to crack on bed and keep saying NO; when in reality they are actually game to get laid by you.

Women also love to fantasize about how sex might be when it happens …daydream about the first time both of you will have sex and will imagine herself doing all sorts of mischievous things. Hence when the moment of intimacy comes they like to build up the tension by postponing it and keep moaning NO.
Women also like to swing between being shy and being bold …there will be moments when they surprise you with their confidence in the bedroom and yet there will be quite a lot of moments when they feel shy and continue moaning NO. Further, strength of a man is a quality which a woman is drawn to – strength meaning masculinity and confidence. If she sees you getting nervous when she isn’t easily ready for sex, it most often puts her off. She doesn’t want to see you as just another guy waiting to get lucky with her. She wants to see your confidence and strength and so keeps saying NO.

The truth behind her “NO” is thus …just a few minutes of relaxation and within split seconds she will want more of you and will eventually get into it!

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