hello MEN …sports OR sex!!!

In order to get the maximum attention from a guy utter – sports OR sex – however a faster way to get him noticed would be to shout SEX!

Now men, do you know your woman often feels that you generally head straight for the touchdown, ignoring the many intervening yard markers on her body. These hotbeds for erotic activity allow a woman to play the game of sex full-tilt. For all practical purposes, mind you – SEX is like any SPORT – you got to play the whole game boss! Get …Set …Go

Known as erogenous zones, they are located all across the female body and are surprisingly easy to pleasure. So turn on some sensual music, light a few aromatherapy candles and just sink in — it’s time to go exploring! Knowing these overlooked female erogenous zones is a sure fire way to rock your partner’s world and spice up your sexual life.

Figure her go-to moves …her feet, you can go for a fast footwork. They have acupressure points said to restore sexual energy …don’t forget her inner thighs …clitoris and abdomen are obvious …the area of her lower back just above the tail bone, grab it like a backfield in motion. Works Wonders! Further going neck and neck and neck …just keep going! Apart from tequila shots, you know there is a – Wrist Shot – rub her, lick her and kiss her there on her wrists gently …its mind blowing! …massage the area behind her knees …nibble on the edges of her earlobe …stroke her entire body sideways from her armpits to her legs, then back up again …throw an elbow, as in kiss on her delicate inside curve of her elbow. And last but not the least, GAZE GAZE and GAZE into her eyes …the longer the gaze the deeper the arousal!

Mix these little things up and surprise your partner with more adventurous tricks and new paths to pleasure. You sure to get a “standing O” before you hit the showers!

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