…he is CLAY and you are the POTTER!

Did you know MASSAGE is not just a physical act; but an interaction of Energies, Auras and Vibrations! In any relationship – the massage – goes a long way in establishing COMMUNICATION.

Sometimes absently stroking your partners hand or the nape of his neck can make him realise how you are feeling – warm, affectionate or just plain sexy! Needless to say, massage requires no words. YOU – the giver – should ignite an awareness in HIM – the receiver – through TOUCH!

His channels of receptivity will then open to every nuance of meaningful contact. PRETEND he is clay and you are the potter – YOU have to give him a new shape and dimension through your strokes. HE on his part should just relax, let go off all worries and become that clay – to be moulded by YOU!

If Your Wavelengths Match, he will respond with eagerness, ready to bounce back to life and melt into your arms after that sensual massage. MASSAGE is undoubtedly a wonderful form of – tender loving care – simply because the keyword in a massage is pampering. And it is only when we CONNECT with CARE with our companion that we can establish a communication of this manner with him or her!

What you waiting for …go ahead …pamper your spouse for life!

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