h O t … H e D o N i C … honeymoon!

Wondering how to make your honeymoon a magical experience! Well the truth about a honeymoon is, it is the first trip together newlyweds take after the “pheras” and the vows …so maybe you have stuffed your mind with loads of expectations and fantasies. ORDER ORDER …please de-clutter them, as in clear your mind of unreasonable desires and get ready to go with the flow. You will be more relaxed and be able to plan better. Remember it’s your business to chart and arrange for the little things ahead of time. In addition, you can learn useful information. Apart from spending time with one another and experiencing fun things together, make SEX your priority. Your honeymoon should not be jam packed with events and activities. There should be time to do nothing at all except be naked and have sex. Indulge in Intimacy …make it meaningful and filled with love! Explore, keep it exciting, thrilling, spontaneous and fully unfurl your most wicked and crazy fantasies together. Combine your Spirit with Seduction & Style and create titillating opportunities to engage in!

SIZZLE through your moments of togetherness with bikinis/ swim wears for the beach; walking shoes for a romantic walk holding hands; a pair of heels; a formal outfit for particular dinners; fun items like sexy lingerie; essential luxury bath oils & soaps; massage lotions; edible body paint; stash of pure flavoured aromatherapy candles; pack small, thoughtful gifts for one another and surprise your companion with them; a travel journal for your honeymoon with fabulous pictures and mentions of – what you ate, drank, where you travelled, what you wore, how you felt – all in few brief words or whatever you please; a honeymoon playlist on your iPod from romantic mood-setting tunes to songs the two of you love, also create special playlists for your partner. Last but not the least don’t forget to pack your Sense of Humour …good humour is infectious you see and laughter is supremely sexy!

CRANKINESS is UNSEXY …so don’t let uncontrollable things like weather conditions, flight delays, tour operator miscommunications etc. get to you. It can also be contagious and lead to unnecessary bickering. Make the best of whatever comes your way. The important thing is that you are calm, devoted to one another and together. Nothing Else Matters!

For heavens sake UNPLUG your LIFE! Leave the laptop at home, shut your tab and smartphone. Tell your boss you are on your honeymoon and need to chill out. If you can’t be completely disconnected from the outside world, then both of you should designate particular time-slots for your digital communication; and otherwise make sure you have uninterrupted time alone. FINALLY, make room for Camaraderie, Respect and Great Good Manners. Though only 13, pretty impressive fought back rivals https://majesticpapers.com b. These qualities should fit in, both out of the bedroom and within. Don’t ever forget that you are blessed and privileged to find a congenial soul to walk life’s path together!

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