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A lot of us think being well dressed can make heads turn; however “well dressed” is so relative! For some its all about wearing branded clothes …for still others, its about wearing the right fit …and couple of them out there think its about the right footwear or hairdo! Well never mind the hazaar definitions of being well dressed, however to get that look and stand out in a crowd is altogether a different ball game.

First things first …knock knock …what is your wardrobe saying! Go Indian …wear western …have a retro look …be a glam doll …or appear adventurous! Whatever it says, don’t forget YOURSELF …remember YOU need to get into those clothes. Don’t leave your X factor inside your closet. Wear your s T y L e! It could be anything …a pastel coloured stole around your neck …a big bindi …head bands …a flowery gipsy like scarf on your hair …long dangling ear-rings …a jhola kind of bag …a hip hop chain for your neck …a pretty stud for your ears! Also it’s essential to keep changing your style, so that your look doesn’t become predictable.

Play with colours and prints. Let your cupboard have all the shades – from the greys to the whites and the off whites and blacks and beiges and the rest of all colourful clothing. Have block prints …polka dots …big and small flower prints …sporty prints …tribal prints …geometric prints. And now “m I x & M a T c H”. It’s important to have a sense of contrast design look and contrast colour look. It’s also important to go street shopping to pick up some exclusive designs and pieces of garments. Consciously make it a point to not follow the trend when it comes to dressing-up. Get ready “FOR YOURSELF” and then carry YOURSELF with élan! Your oomph factor will naturally ooze out and GET YOU NOTICED!!!

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