Focus on FUN …rather than FOOD!

As you are reading this post maybe you are binging on your “nth” kaju katli …or munching on your second boondi ka ladoo …or biting the delicious red coloured jalebi …or probably sipping the home made kheer …or chewing the karanjee! And if you aint doing any of these …PAT YOUR BACK …come’ on PAT YOUR BACK right now!

Well we all know how difficult it is to resist mouth-watering sweets especially during the festive season. We may not be hungry and must have also had our share of sweets …however an enticing colourful plate on the table full of multi-coloured seasonal sweets, with the aroma titillating our nasal sense organ is a sure shot way to distract our tongue; which then gives a message to our brain and our right palm is automatically driven to that plate and in goes another sweet …SLURP!

This process goes on and on not only throughout the 4 to 5 days of Diwali celebrations; but also post Diwali when your refrigerator is stacked with the delicacies – either gifted by your near and dear ones, or prepared at home by your mom or cook! So Now What!!!

STOP the Temptation, BY FOCUSING – on the fun happening around you; on the activities you see next to you; on all the noise and laughter going on; on the sounds of various crackers; on the kind of clothes and accessories that people are wearing; on fun-filled conversations; on singing and dancing; on sharing your joy with others; on giving these sweets to the less fortunate; on thanking the almighty for the abundance you have!

In addition, whenever you sense there is too much of sweets in your plate, keep couple of boxes handy, pack these sweets in them and offer it to your building security or the auto rickshaw man you see nearby or the guy who delivers milk daily at your home or collects the garbage.
This SHIFT in FOCUS will not only take care of your DIET; but also redefine who YOU are!

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