festive sweets MINUS the lethal white sugar!

It’s that time of the year when desserts, sweets, sugary rich foods fill the dinning tables …when your evenings are taken away by a diwali party or a wedding party or a game-of-cards party …when you pop in one kaju khatri …then a second one …and a third …then a coconut barfi when it is just lying there …then just one more you see …then you pass by the refrigerator, open it and pop in one gulab jamun …then yet another gulab jamun …its so small you see …it dissolves within seconds! And you justify your sinful indulgence believing, “Festivals are meant for celebration; also the weather is good these days, feel like eating yaar!”

Sure thing, go ahead; however cut down on processed sugar and substitute it with natural sugars. N lo! It is possible. You can use various healthy substitutes instead of consuming sweets that contain the deadly white sugar. Eat sweets that are made of jaggery; substitute white sugar with organic jaggery, sugarcane juice, grapes, honey and dried dates, raisins, apricots and fresh fruits. These are not only delicious substitutes for white sugar but are also extremely healthy.

Honey easily dissolves in liquids so one can add it to their beverages instead of adding sugar and also sweeten their desserts with it. Dry fruits can come to your rescue when you have a strong sugar craving. For those who wish to sweeten their food with sugar, simply toss a few raisins in it instead. Sugarcane is a refreshing beverage! Have natural, fresh sugarcane juice without adding ginger, lemon or mint for flavor. Although white sugar is made from sugarcane, the refining process removes many useful nutrients. Jaggery is the closest substitute for sugar when it comes to usage. It can be used exactly like sugar. You get jaggery in powder form, solid form and even liquid form. You can sweeten Indian sweets using jaggery which make excellent dessert options. It can even be used in dals, vegetables and curries which need to be slightly sweetened.
By including these healthy alternatives to sweets that contain white sugar, you are certain to minimise the damages and march your way to a Fit life this Festive Season!

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